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Vette vingersVette vingersVette vingersVette vingersVette vingersVette vingersVette vingersVette vingersVette vingers

By Char

On 07, Dec 2011 | In | By Char

Vette vingers


Make up an app-menu for the cookbook of Herman den Blijker called “Vette Vingers” (Greasy Fingers).

I’ve chosen the concept “Low Budget”, so that I could combine the app-menu with the Albert Heijn supermarket magazine “Allerhande” which causes many customers to download the app and purchase the products by Albert Heijn.

I also combined the two styles, because they were resembling.

Interactive expositionInteractive expositionInteractive expositionInteractive expositionInteractive expositionInteractive expositionInteractive exposition

By Char

On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By Char

Interactive exposition


Make up an interactive exposition with a working component.

For the exposition I’ve created an app called “The Brise app” in which the user takes part of a small quiz. The quiz exist out of a menu divided in five categories: favorite color, fragrance, atmosphere, mood and destination. In each category there are four images displayed in which the user has to make a choice. When the menu is finished, the results will be blended in the fragrance match and a screen will appear with one of the four Brise fragrances. Several social media buttons are displayed to share the results.

There is also a “press here’- button, when you push it, it will spread a small amount of odor coming out of the dispenser.

The menu is installed on a tablet and is displayed on a monitor. The app is connected with a device called “Ardruino” which is connected with the dispenser –chip, which causes the dispenser to squirt when the “press here button” is pushed.

I am responsible for the concept and the visual merchandise of the exposition, my partner John van de Water is responsible for the programming and the technical part. We’re both responsible for setting up the exposition and the odd jobs.

Disclaimer: For this assignment we got approval of Brise.

Snack Attack!Snack Attack!Snack Attack!Snack Attack!Snack Attack!Snack Attack!Snack Attack!

On 08, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By Char

Snack Attack!


Make up a concept for elementary school children with an educational message.

Here’s the link to the game: Snack Attack!

Our team has chosen the subject sports and nutrition, because many children are dealing with obesity. That’s how we came up with the game “Snack attack!”: A game which is playable with two characters, a girl and a boy who have to collect healthy food as much as possible within the given time. When the high score is not achieved, the message “Game over” will appear on the screen and an obese version of the character will appear.

Only my share of work is displayed in the images: I am partially responsible for the character design, the concept and the wire frames.

Disclaimer: The illustration on the dvd-disk and the dvd-box is courtesy of Renee Meisters. The game art is courtesy of Dennis Nederlof. Brandon Oldenhof and John van de Water are responsible for programming the game.