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Die ZauberflöteDie ZauberflöteDie ZauberflöteDie ZauberflöteDie ZauberflöteDie ZauberflöteDie Zauberflöte

By Char

On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By Char

Die Zauberflöte


Make up an attractive campaign for the opera “Die Zauberflote”.

I came up with a campaign in a dark, futuristic atmosphere with supporting trance music arranged by famous deejays such as: Tiësto and Armin van Buuren.

I’ve designed a poster, a brochure and a set of Boomerang cards for the campaign.

The characters which are displayed in the campaign are the main characters “Tamino” and “Pamina”, the antagonist represents “The queen of the night”.


By Char

On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By Char



Make up a campaign and visual merchandise display for the flower convention “Waterdrinker”.

For this campaign I designed a visual merchandise display (picture will be added later) poster, brochure and a spread.
The campaign is set in a romantic atmosphere with decorative fonts and floating flowers, as if they were blowing with the wind.

I’ve chosen for illustrated characters for the campaign design so people can identify them with themselves. It was also the first time I experimented with digital illustrated characters.
To communicate the characters with the rest of the concept, I made use of a flower filled shadow in the design.


By Char

On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By Char



Make up a campaign for a fabric store with the use of geometric shapes.

I’ve chosen a tight, but simple logo with contrasting pastel color shades: green and orange supported by a sans serif font.
The logo exist out of two triangles with the bottoms pushed together and a button made out of circles.
I’ve adjusted the logo on different merchandise like: bags, a book and a van, but also in the shop interior and exterior for a realistic look.

Disclaimer: The last two images are courtesy of the Lucian Pellat store. I’ve only adjusted the logo for simulating a realistic image.