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Get Home safe!Get Home safe!Get Home safe!

On 08, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By Char

Get Home safe!


Make up a campaign with an important message.

I made up a campaign which is targeted on young teen girls, who are going home by bike all by themselves after a night of partying.

That’s the reason why I made several pictures of:
– A bike which is fallen down on the ground with a open purse where make up is scattered all over the ground
– A dark bicycle path with the message “Ah, it’s just a shortcut”
– A mobile phone covered in a grass field covered in dirt with the message: “Mom, I’m coming home any minute”

The photographs are designed for shock value to wake up the target group.
The campaign exist of a poster and Boomerang cards with the pictures printed on it and I’ve also printed the slogan “Get home safe!” on a goodie bag with a t-shirt, a cap and a flashlight with the slogan.

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