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Photobook assignmentsPhotobook assignmentsPhotobook assignmentsPhotobook assignmentsPhotobook assignments

On 07, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In | By Char

Photobook assignments


For the minor Photography I had to follow a couple of assignments. Here’s a selection of the best assignments:

  • Pinhole: Make a couple of photographs with a handmade pinhole camera which exist out of a can painted black covered with aluminum foil with a small hole in it
  • Movement and speed: Make a couple of photographs of moving subjects
  • New student: Combine two models into a new model
  • Good vs. Bad: Make two photographs of the same model in a contradicting style


  • Pinhole: I’ve put photo paper in the pinhole camera and exposed it for forty seconds. When I was done, I developed the paper in fluid, let it dry and that’s how my photo was made. It took some practice and a couple of pictures failed but it was a fun experience.
  • Movement and speed: For the first photo I taped some glow sticks on the blades of a fan and photographed it in my room with the lights out.

In the second photo I used a bouncing ball with glitters and waved my glow stick around it.
In the third picture I used a little toy car which gives light when let loose, I used a ledstrip for the track.
In all of the photographs I set a very low shutter speed varying from 20 seconds till one minute.

  • New student: For this assignment I made a self-portrait on my room and one of my boyfriend. I switched our eyes and lips with each other and created two new persona’s.
  • Good vs. Bad: For this assignment I made two self-portraits of stereotypical ghetto-people. The first picture represents a ghetto rapper guy with a big chain and the second one a ghetto girl with lots of make-up.

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