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By Char

On 06, Nov 2014 | In | By Char



Make up three mood boards with the information what is given about the target group:

  • A young, exotic, fashion aware female
  • A young boy
  • A middle-aged man who enjoys life, food and coffee

Here follows an explanation of the mood board designs:

  • For the exotic female mood board, I used a pastel yellow background, so the images will pop-up better. I made use of colorful images which are related to beauty and fashion. I even used real material such as a stroke of white lace and a shell bracelet. To accentuate her exotic features, I used images in which exotic women are displayed and flowers.
  • For the young boy mood board, I used a light blue background which represents the sky. I inserted images of things that are typical for young boys to like, such as: dinosaurs, kites, fantasy creatures and bright colors.
  • For the food and coffee loving middle-aged man mood board, I used a dark-brown background which represents the color of coffee. Furthermore I’ve added images of men that represents the target group and images that are related to coffee and fine foods.

I’ve added an extra masculine mood board, because I found this one beautiful. This one was for an assignment at my previous education Communication and Design for a masculine accessory.