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On 06, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In | By Char

Logo I am Char


For branding my own identity and company, I had to come up with an own name and logo. Here are the following results.

I came up with three different names and logo in total:

  • The first logo represents my surname and profession which was photography at the time. To make my logo stand out I made an extension of the number 1 and I’ve blended it with the letter I of “Charissa”. That’s why I put 21st above my name and “Photography” underneath it.
  • My second logo is based on a friend’s company called “Jazzcake” which makes use of curly fonts and colorful design.
  • “Chachi” is an old nickname given by my grandma. Even when I did liked the logo, I felt it was time for something new: something static and sophisticated.
  • My third and current logo represents my identity and contains an acronym of my name, because I want to keep it simple and clear.That’s how I came up with: “I am Char”.

As seen on the images, I’ve been brainstorming like a madman.

I’ve also adjusted the logo in the branding design for the stationary and the business cards.

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